Published: Sat, December 30, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Man drives into river trying to flee police

Man drives into river trying to flee police

Tomofey Erofeef of Scotts Mills was seen trespassing on boats docked at the pier. Police said officers briefly followed him, but not onto the pier.

He is charged with six counts, including attempt to elude, criminal trespass, escape, interfering with an officer, offensive littering and reckless driving. He took off as they approached his truck to make the arrest, starting a short pursuit. Authorities were ready to take him into custody when he fled and drove down the pier and into the Columbia River, according to reports.

Erofeeff reportedly tried to swim a few hundred feet before changing his mind. He quickly turned around and swam back toward the pier.

When he reached the pier, he couldn't even climb back up-the pier was too tall. Rescuers threw him a life vest, but he still had to wait for a boat to pick him up. He was fished out of the water by WTC Marine employees in a skiff.

The suspect spent about 20 minutes in the icy water. Erofeeff should be thankful too'. He also allegedly violated his parole and was previously arrested in two other OR counties for theft.

As of Wednesday night, the truck was still in the water with a visible fuel sheen coming from it.

Deputy Astoria Police Chief Eric Halverson said the department has been in contact with the Coast Guard about retrieving the Ford F-150 pickup.

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