Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Messenger Just Added an Augmented Reality Feature and It's Freakin' Awesome

Messenger Just Added an Augmented Reality Feature and It's Freakin' Awesome

They have even worked with more than 2,000 brands, publishers and artists to make vivid AR experiences to present to their 2 billion user audience after launching the Camera Effects.

So Facebook is effectively racing against not just Snapchat in this field, but Apple and Google as well, both of which have launched their own AR platforms in addition to baking it new AR features within their respective mobile apps and services.

Unlike placing a regular sticker or emoji on your pictures, World Lenses uses 3D objects.

As part of the expansion, Facebook said it will also enable something called world effect technology within AR Studio in the coming days, which will let developers incorporate moveable, 3D objects into their AR apps. The set of effects at the moment is quite small, only including a heart, an arrow, a robot, a unicorn, and some word bubbles.

In a post to developers, Facebook noted that it released its Camera Effects Platform earlier this year in closed beta. Just open the Messenger Camera from your Inbox or while you're already in a conversation with someone.

Previously, Facebook implemented AR features where users were able to wear these virtual masks or use some sorts of filters using their camera as well. This means that you can pan your phone's camera from side to side to capture different angles of the effect. The goal now is to create the most compelling use case for AR - which right now looks like messaging - and use that to draw in and retain users over time.

Facebook has spent the last few months expanding the tools offered in the AR Studio. It is been copied from the Snapchat's AR-based objects and turned out in the form of the tool, World Effects on Facebook Messenger. The company announced that the app now supports higher-resolution images than before.

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