Published: Thu, December 28, 2017
Sci-tech | By Javier West

No 64GB Switch Cartridges for Developers Until 2019

No 64GB Switch Cartridges for Developers Until 2019

"Now it looks like the Switch is going to be the "it" console", which is a significant development for Nintendo.

The delay comes after it was announced that 10 million units of Nintendo Switch have been moved. As WSJ explains, publishers are of course aware of this and some US-based companies that produce "data-heavy games" may now delay their titles until the 64 GB cards are released.

So how will that possibly affect Switch owners negatively you ask? Now, that date has slipped into 2019 amid "technical issues", reports the Wall Street Journal. Developers delaying games would not be the only issue, accord to a PC Mag report, this also could possibly mean that physical cartridges will also require large downloads just to play them or this could also mean you will see a lot more digital download only games hitting the Switch.

As Kotaku previously reported, Nintendo's Switch games keep their size slim, with downloads for Super Mario Odyssey, Arms and Splatoon 2 ranging from 2-6GB. This can have several repercussions. The problem for game developers working on titles that need that extra storage space is that any scheduled for roll out in 2018 that would have required 64GB physical media won't happen.

Presumably, larger games that won't fit on the available game cards could still be sold as downloadable titles. Nintendo apparently intentionally sought game cards instead of discs for the Switch as part of its effort to make the system more portable, which is one of its defining attributes. And it absolutely must avoid the disgusting working relationship it had with third-parties in the disastrous Wii U-era.

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