Published: Thu, December 21, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Pennsylvania Is Now Fifth-Largest State In Nation

Pennsylvania Is Now Fifth-Largest State In Nation

Idaho's growth rate of 2.2 percent led the nation, followed by Nevada, Utah and Washington State.

On the bright side, IL has seen an increased racial, ethnic and gender diversity in the state's work-aged population.

Still, residents moving to the US from other countries continue to be a significant factor in USA population growth as 1.1 million people moved to the USA over the previous year, according to the census bureau.

Pennsylvania now has a new title as the fifth-largest state in the U.S. In percentage terms, IL saw the third-worst population decline in the nation.

The population figures are closely watched as a sign of what will happen when congressional maps are redrawn after the 2020 Census. However, net worldwide migration continues to be a significant factor in the population growth of the United States, adding just over 1.1 million people in the past year.

Idaho was the nation's fastest-growing state over the past year.

Pennsylvania moved up to the fifth spot in terms of population in the estimates. The decrease was a tiny fraction of Illinois' total population of just over 12.8 million. California is by far the most populated with 39.5 million residents.

And once again, Texas' population grew by the largest number of any state in the country, as it has for every year this decade. For domestic numbers, MA saw a loss of 23,000 residents moving to other states.

The state did have a net gain in the number of people moving there from other countries. That would be Idaho, which is now home to 1.7 million people and grew 2.2 percent during the past year. But Connecticut attracted some 17,000 people from other countries, a little more than a third of the number for MA.

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