Published: Wed, December 13, 2017
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

Santa Claus quizzed by kids about Al Franken, Roy Moore

In its latest cold open, "Saturday Night Live" took on the recent string of high-profile sexual-misconduct scandals, featuring a parade of children - each seemingly more precocious and world-weary than the last - visiting a mall Santa, played by Kenan Thompson.

For example, after asking for some blocks and laser tag, one curious boy asked Saint Nick, "Can you tell me, what did Al Franken do?". Kate McKinnon stands alongside Thompson, dressed as an elf.

Sugarplum - who then asks to be called Amy "in the current climate" - refuses, forcing Santa to tell Tyler that "Al Franken is on Santa's naughty list this year".

Roy Moore, who is facing multiple accusation of sexual misconduct which he denies, was also skewered in the cold open when a young boy asked Santa,"What about Roy Moore?" Now, is President Trump on the naughty list?

Struggling to keep things light and festive, Santa told the little girl he thought everyone could learn a lot from the news.

'C'mon, man! When you're supporting an accused child molester you can't say "go get 'em!"

Next customer, a little girl, was quickly hustled away after telling Santa that she wants 'a Barbie, unless the feminazis are going to take that away from me too!' One kid asks Thompson, "I love football".

But "most people in America are good people, and eventually good people will fix our country", McKinnon says. "I know that things seem particularly insane right now", she said.

"We sure can!" the girl replies cheerfully.

You may recall, the Minnesota Senator was forced to resign for getting frisky with a Playboy model, who just happens to be a die-hard, Republican political operative, during an x-rated 2006 USO show in Iraq.

"But, as bad as things might seem, I promise you, Jenny, it will be OK".

McKinnon tried to reassure another girl that while things seem "truly mind-bendingly insane" everything will be OK "maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for another 3 years, 42 days and 24 minutes".

The best line of the skit came after Santa said to one little boy: "Maybe you'd like a toy for Christmas!". "But just in case I'm putting all my money in Bit".

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