Published: Sat, December 02, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

United States military says North Korea launched new ICBM

United States military says North Korea launched new ICBM

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have flared since North Korea said on Wednesday that it had successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile in a "breakthrough" that puts the U.S. mainland within range of its nuclear weapons.

"If someone really wants to use force to, as the USA representative to the United Nations put it, destroy North Korea.then I think that is playing with fire and a big mistake", said Lavrov, the Russian news agencies reported.

The US policy of ramping up sanctions on North Korea to force them to roll back the missile and nuclear programs is not working, according to Lavrov.

While Russia condemned North Korea's latest missile test, Lavrov also raised concerns about the large-scale U.S.

Following the test, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley called for other countries to sever all ties with Pyongyang, including cutting trade links and expelling North Korean workers.

North Korea's Central News Agency (KCNA) said that the Hwasong-15 missile had covered a distance of 950 kilometers during its 53-minute flight, reaching an altitude of 4,475 kilometers.

In a tit-for-tat war of words with Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the U.S. president called Kim a "madman" while the Korea leader dubbed him a "mentally deranged U.S. dotard".

"The recent USA actions seemed to be deliberately aimed at provoking Pyongyang to take new sharp actions", Lavrov said, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement.

"We were encouraged by that approach".

The North said the weapon could land anywhere in the continental United States, and France said Europe was also in striking distance.

"We have repeatedly stated that the pressure of sanctions has been exhausted". And then suddenly. they announced large-scale exercises in December.

The United States earlier this year pressed for a full oil embargo on North Korea but dropped that demand following resistance from China and Russian Federation. It recently contended nuclear weapons are necessary to ward off "repressive USA imperialism". Mr Lavrov said Ms Haley's call for the world to isolate North Korea was wrong.

Russia's maneuvering into the North Korea crisis is more than just a single-serving of humiliation for the United States - it's indicative, said Armstrong, of a larger trend.

Meanwhile, Trump's Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said: "We'll see future actions by the USA and others and we're looking forward to applying as much pressure as we can to get to our ultimate goal, which is a denuclearised Korean Peninsula".

North Korea also published photographs of the new ICBM.

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