Published: Mon, December 25, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

US Treasury's Mnuchin sent gift-wrapped box of horse manure

US Treasury's Mnuchin sent gift-wrapped box of horse manure

Officials said the package was delivered to his neighbors in Bel Air. Mnuchin was nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to become the next Treasury Secretary.

The LAPD said the Secret Service took over the investigation.

A suspicious gift-wrapped box was left on Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's Bel-AIr driveway.


But it turned out that the package, wrapped in Christmas paper and addressed from "the American people", was filled with horse manure, LAPD Sgt. R. Briggs said.

It was determined the package contained a "pretty good quantity" of horse manure, police officials told various media outlets.

There was also a Christmas card with the present, which made references to Mnuchin, President Trump and the president's tax bill. Police haven't released additional information about the package.

Mnuchin has served as Trump's finance chief during the presidential campaign.

Mnuchin was not in Los Angeles at the time of the incident, according to a law enforcement source. He previously worked in banking and finance before joining public service, acting as CEO of Dune Capital Management and working for The Goldman Sachs Group earlier in his career.

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