Published: Mon, December 11, 2017
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WWE superstar arrested for battery in Gainesville

WWE superstar arrested for battery in Gainesville

Riggs became "scared that the argument was going to escalate and got out of the auto", said the arrest report. "The [wife] got scared that the argument was going to escalate and got out of the vehicle".

The report goes on to say that Riggs, once back in the auto, told Swann to pull over so she could get out, but Swann refused.

Police say Swann denied grabbing her and that she went back to the auto on her own.

Fox News reported that 26-year-old former WWE cruiserweight champion Rich Swann is being held without bail in a Florida jail.

One witness told police that Yung was pounding on the window inside the vehicle screaming for help as they drove away, adding that she seemed "very afraid" of Swann.

According to the report, the two had been traveling from an event in Gainesville, Florida that Yung had performed at.

Swann was driving with the woman when he began to citizen her wrestling performance at a show in downtown Gainesville, the report reads. Swann denied touching his wife, telling cops she got back in the auto on her own.

Swann claimed that he only wanted to return home and that they were using the Global Positioning System that was on Yung's phone and he "needed her to come with it". Before getting married, the Orlando couple had been together for about five years, police said. The latter charge is considered a misdemeanour, whereas kidnapping is a felony.

UPDATE 12/10/2017 10:52AM: The WWE has suspended Rich Swann indefinitely following word on his battery and false imprisonment arrest, releasing the following statement.

Swann, a rising star in WWE, has been suspended following the incident as per a zero tolerance domestic violence policy.

Swann was slated to match up with Drew Gulak in a match to determine the No. 1 contender for Enzo Amore's Cruiserweight title on Monday night.

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