Published: Fri, January 05, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Egypt hot air balloon crash: casualties reported

Egypt hot air balloon crash: casualties reported

A hot air balloon carrying around 20 people, including tourists, has crashed near Egypt's city of Luxor and at least one person has reportedly been killed, according to security and medical officials.

Luxor governor Mahmoud Badr confirmed the incident, adding that he visited the injured tourists who are now being treated at hospital, according to the BBC, citing AFP.

A health ministry spokesman said that two of the wounded were in serious condition.

In a similar incident in 2013, 19 tourists from Europe and Asia, were killed when a sightseeing balloon caught fire in Luxor.

Those on board the flight included a number of foreign nationals from South Africa, Argentina and Spain, along with Egyptian tourists.

The balloon, with tourists from different nationalities and Egyptians onboard, crashed to the west of the city of Luxor, MENA said.

In 2016, Egypt temporarily halted balloon flights after 22 Chinese tourists suffered minor injuries in a crash landing of their hot air balloon.

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