Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Local ANC says it will support Cyril Ramaphosa

Local ANC says it will support Cyril Ramaphosa

By Tuesday afternoon, speculation was continuing that the ANC's top six could change after a disputed vote, which is most likely to affect the post of secretary general.

He has promised to fight rampant corruption and revitalise the economy, a message hailed by foreign investors.

Inaugurated on December 16 by the outgoing ANC leader, President Jacob Zuma, the meeting waded through several pitfalls, including the displeasure of delegates, who filed complaints before the courts to suppress the right to vote to some 400 participants.

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The NEC is the highest decision-making body of the ANC between conferences - and both the new ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa and defeated presidential candidate Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are hoping to dominate it.

The ANC on Monday elected Ramaphosa to be the party's president for the next five years. The premier of the central Free State province since 2009, Magashule, 58, is another of Zuma's closest allies and helped defend him against calls to resign. He's also been linked to members of the Gupta family, who are friends with Zuma and have been accused by the nation's graft ombudsman of exerting undue influence over Cabinet appointments and the awarding of state contracts.

SA awaits NEC announcement as Ramaphosa prepares to address ANC
South Africa's new leader to focus on corruption and 'radical economic transformation'

The country will hold the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019. Voting for this had not yet begun when The Economist went to press. Majority feel he will succeed in undertaking damage control after the previous corrupt leadership. As one analyst on the eNCA television channel said after the election, the ANC of Mandela is now "completely flawed morally". If he fails to deliver - whatever the reasons - the ANC is nearly certain to be rejected by voters in 2019. "Cyril is a multibillionaire and he got it from the very same people who oppressed us", said Billy Tsotetsi, 62, a TV commentator.

Unemployment in South Africa is hovering around a third, and youth unemployment is 56 percent.

As the ANC is the governing party, the choices it makes are of great importance for all South Africans. "It will have an egalitarian vocabulary but will be fundamentally capitalist". Mr. Ramaphosa's rival, Ms. Dlamini-Zuma had campaigned on a promise to increase black ownership of businesses.As a successful businessman, Mr. Ramaphosa is widely seen as a hope to revive the economy and restore market confidence in South Africa, but structural problems could make meaningful reforms more hard, observers say.

Mr. Ramaphosa has the decided advantage of being a smart, intellectually savvy and intellectually curious comparative outsider in the ANC hierarchy.

According to Desalegn, South Africa's strong democratic background would be considered as a model for fellow African countries in their efforts toward democratization and economic development. The latter's supporters broke out in cheers and singing. Under the South African system, the A.N.C. -controlled Parliament picks the president, and a divided party may not rush to force Mr. Zuma out before his term ends in 2019. Ramaphosa is all but set to become its fifth president following after Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma.

Second, Mr Ramaphosa has to be unequivocal in his support for an increasingly beleaguered judiciary by ending the Zuma administration's appeals against judgements on issues of state capture, as well as increasingly strident attacks on judges. Mr. Zuma, nicknamed the "teflon president' for his ability to stay in power despite various scandals, is a veteran politician who has survived previous motions of no-confidence.As TWW went to press, it remained unclear what exact steps Mr. Ramaphosa would take".

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