Published: Sun, January 07, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Sears to close its Rapid City store in April

Sears to close its Rapid City store in April

Sears Holdings on Thursday announced it is closing the Sears store in at Crossroads Mall in Waterloo.

Kate Hogan, Centerville's economic development director, says losing the store isn't necessarily a bad thing. The majority of the jobs are part-time positions, Sears said. Since 2011, Sears has lost more than $10.4 billion. At the time, Sears was expected to remain open in the renovated store's lower level.

The New Springville Sears store - which was significantly downsized when Primark subleased space from Sears - is not on the most recent list of closures. The Sears store is at 5900 West Glades Road., in Boca Raton. Also, six Sears stores in the state will be shuttered: three in the Bay Area, two in Southern California and one in the Central Valley.

Liquidation sales will start as early as January 12.

(Red Oak) - Red Oak's Kmart store is among the Kmart and Sears stores nationwide closing this spring.

Sears stock closed at $3.58, down 18 cents or 4.79%, on Thursday.

Macy's shared this information with store associates earlier today because they are important to our organization and we wanted to make sure they heard about this change from the company.

The Kmart in Lemoore was not on the list of store closures.

Even though J.C. Penney reported that same-store sales climbed more than 3 percent during November and December compared with previous year, and Macy's reported strong holiday sales, a turnaround is unlikely for either, according to analysts.

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