Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Twitch buys exclusive streaming rights for Overwatch League

Twitch buys exclusive streaming rights for Overwatch League

You have the team you support, the players you like, and the rivals you desperately want to see them beat.

As many young consumers, particularly young males, watch less traditional television, platforms like Twitch believe they are positioned to pick up some of that slack.

Just as in other sports, Overwatch players can wear their favourite team's unique colours in the game to show their support.

Games are also being broadcast on MLG, the Overwatch League website and app, and a new tab in Blizzard's desktop app. On top of that, the firm projected that around 191 million people around the world would watch at least one esports competition a month in 2017.

Getting a team skin for the entire roster will run a player at around $1,200 worth of League Tokens, as Gamespot points out.

In the first transcontinental match, the third Cali team, LA Gladiators, went up against the all-Chinese Shanghai Dragons.

Still, if Blizzard can pull off its goal "to create the world's premier eSports league, where teams and players thrive for years to come", then professional video gaming might be a big step closer to achieving mainstream acceptance.

Sources: Overwatch League-Twitch Deal Worth At Least $90M
Report: Twitch Paid $90 Million To Broadcast The Overwatch League

It's not such a surprise the event attracted so many eyeballs, the Overwatch League has had a huge PR push over the last 24 hours. Dynasty met their match as they clashed against the Dallas Fuel.

The Overwatch League is set to begin on Wednesday, January 10 and 16:00 PST.

Another important function of the Blizzard Arena, Kaplan said, is the ability to have complete control over the broadcast experience of its games. OVERWATCH, OVERWATCH LEAGUE, BLIZZARD and BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT are trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

A number of changes have been made to Overwatch's visual presentation in order to make it easier to follow for the viewer. Playing for a city might help teams to develop local fan bases more rapidly, but it may discourage interest in global viewers who don't feel represented.

The camera changes are fast-paced but not hard to follow.

The league is aiming to play matches on a home-and-away basis "as soon as possible", Scarpati said. Similar to the other American sports, the top team in each division at the end of the season will get a bye in the first week of the playoffs. Skins are available for all 12 teams, and all 26 Overwatch characters, with 50% of the revenue from every Overwatch League skin sold going toward a shared revenue pool for all league teams.

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