Published: Fri, February 23, 2018
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F1: Ferrari unveil new race auto (4)

F1: Ferrari unveil new race auto (4)

So we can't wait to get out on track to see how the vehicle performs, how it behaves.

Mercedes have claimed the drivers' and constructors' title in each of the past four seasons - finishing 146 points ahead of second-placed Ferrari in 2017 - but Vettel is optimistic ahead of the coming campaign.

Ferrari's new SF71H Formula One vehicle already looks a big step up from last year's before it has turned a wheel in anger, four times world champion Sebastian Vettel said at Thursday's unveiling.

"The halo looks different but to be honest we tried it a year ago and it wasn't a big difference", Raikkonen said. "For sure, the amount of effort that has gone in and the attention to detail in so many areas is impressive".

"We have been close for most of the year, not close enough when it mattered, but that's what happened".

"Some minor things change every year, but the chassis is mostly a development - and now is obviously the time where you see the auto, it's all ready, so you want to get in, go out on the track and have a go", Vettel told Autoweek. "I think that's the answer we all want to get so we go from there".

Ferrari unveiled an all-red colour scheme, incorporating the halo - Formula One's mandatory new cockpit protection system - into their design.

"The new vehicle - the SF71H - represents an evolution of last year's auto, which was already a good project".

Wolff said Hamilton was "extremely motivated" for the new season and expected him to sign a new contract to stay at Mercedes beyond the end of this season "in a few weeks".

"The focus for me is performing at my best, and hopefully if I am performing at my best there will be issues because they (Ferrari) will be upset about it". I just drive faster.

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