Published: Sun, February 04, 2018
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Father attempts to attack Nassar during victim testimonies

Father attempts to attack Nassar during victim testimonies

His statement included a request, met with nervous laughter from the hearing attendees, for "five minutes in a locked room with this demon". Would you do that? "Give me one minute with that bast--". According to The Athletic, Cunningham told Margraves she could not condone vigilante-ism, but chose to release him without any charges if he promised his actions were merely "an immediate and emotional reaction".

This week, the police department in Meridian, Michigan, apologised publicly to one victim for declining to press charges against Nassar in 2004 when she reported that he abused her.

An attack attempt on Larry Nassar in an Eaton County courtroom Friday. He said hearing his daughters' words and watching Nassar shake his head while they were speaking led him to nearly attacking Nassar.

She doubled down on Povilaitis' comments, saying: "We can not react by using physical violence and assault against someone who has performed criminal acts".

"No, sir, I can't", she said. She urged families to "use your words".

Watch a clip of the incident above.

Randall Margraves' outburst came just moments after two of his daughters spoke about the abuse they suffered at the hands of Nassar.

Victims were taken to be treated by him at Michigan State University, where he worked as a sports doctor between 1997 and 2016.

Margrave apologized during his special court hearing later that afternoon. "I find that you don't get it, that you're a danger, that you remain a danger". "It is not appropriate, it does not send the right message", Cunningham continued.

After his apology, Cunningham released Margraves. "Yes or no?" the father asked. I'm embarrassed. I'm not here to upstage my daughters.

Nasser, who is the former doctor for USA Gymnastics, has pleaded guilty to 10 criminal sexual conduct charges across two counties. A sentencing hearing for the remaining three counts began Wednesday. Prosecutors are seeking a new sentence of 40 to 125 years in this case.

The sisters say they were sexually abused as children.

Nassar eventually returned to the courtroom, and the impact statements continued.

"You know that I can't do that", she said. All three of their children are victims of you.

More than 30 victims have given statements so far. Randall's daughters were standing behind him when he lunged toward Dr. Nassar, and were very obviously spooked by his actions.

This post has been updated with more details about the hearing, the attempted attack and Margraves' apology.

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