Published: Thu, February 22, 2018
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Norway's Marit Bjoergen becomes most successful Winter Olympian ever

Norway's Marit Bjoergen becomes most successful Winter Olympian ever

Skiers Jessica Diggins and Kikkan Randall won the USA its first-ever gold medal in cross-country skiing, with Diggins racing up from behind to snatch it from both Sweden and Norway, both of which have had the powerhouse women's ski teams in South Korea.

Norway's Marit Bjørgen (left) sent off sprint teammate Maiken Caspersen Falla on Wednesday to win that Olympic bronze medal that made Bjørgen the most-winning Winter Olympian of all time.

"I think when you're an athlete and still racing you're looking forward and not thinking about what you've done", Bjoergen said. Italy's Sofia Goggia took the gold, with Norway's Ragnhild Mowinckel taking the silver.

While Bjoergen has been a regular on the Olympic podium over the years, Randall wasn't. "Give me a bit of time here", she told reporters gathering around her, "I haven't managed to take this in yet".

Bjoergen first took part in the Olympics in 2002, winning a silver medal in the relay and, though she was delighted to reach Bjoerndalen's mark of 13 medals 16 years later, she is in no hurry to be consigned to the history books just yet.

"This team brings the absolute best out in me", Diggins said.

"When you're still an athlete you just have focus on other races". Now the assets of the 37-year-old girl seven gold, four silver and two bronze medals, a 44-year-old Bjoerndalen - 8, 4 and 1. Closed the door But when the Norwegian closed the door as the young pretender tried to overtake her late on, Bjoergen's place in the history books was guaranteed.

Although she won fewer medals in Sochi 2014, she still won three golds - in 30-km freestyle, skiathlon and team sprint. "My goal was fighting for one individual gold and I don't have it yet, I still have the possibility to do it, so we'll see". Diggins passed the Swedes and the Norwegians on the final lap to win the first Olympic gold medal for the United States in the sport.

Noora Raty has stopped 20 shots to lead Finland to a 3-2 victory over the Russians in the women's hockey bronze medal game at the Olympics.

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