Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Rare reveals its monetisation plans for Sea of Thieves

Rare reveals its monetisation plans for Sea of Thieves

"Loot boxes" were probably the first words that popped into your head, but Sea of Thieves will never have loot boxes.

Sea of Thieves will be heading to Xbox One and PC on 20th March. At all, ' said Chapman. How it'll fare once it actually arrives next month is anyone's guess, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the trickle of information every so often that helps us figure out what the final version will be like.

At the start of your adventure, Sea of Thieves will generate eight pirates based on random components like race, gender, age, body type etc. "There'll never be a form of gambling in Sea of Thieves, of any description".

For those of you who have incessantly accessed the 'Can I Run It?', Ted Timmins commented that the PC team was burning the midnight oil wondering how low the game can be rendered.

Travelling in a crew means there's a good chance other players will have your back when you're exploring for treasure as well, the website says. "We have to run that like a business, you need revenue coming in". I desperately want us to be able to fire other stuff out of cannons, including monkeys and other animals, just because it's fun, right? And that's hard. PC player expectations are higher than your average human, because we are better than the average human.

Luckily, Rare's push from multiplayer pirate experience is set to transition into a games as a service in one of the most elegant ways we've seen, with a focus on Rare learning from the mistakes of other developers while stressing it will be keeping its ear to the ground on player feedback.

"For example - and this isn't a feature yet - we could have a fountain of youth in the game, where you could go to it and by interacting with it, it would make your character younger", Duncan explained.

Rare has been "stuck making Kinect games" for Microsoft's discontinued motion-sensing accessory in recent years, says The Verge.

According to both publication sites, Rare does not want to split the "playerbase" and will supposedly offer most Sea of Thieves updates for free. However, some microtransactions will be added to the game 3 months after its release date, but Rare promises it's only of the cosmetic kind.

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