Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Syria talks agree to set up constitution committee

Syria talks agree to set up constitution committee

Regime backer Russian Federation hosted the so-called Syria congress in Sochi Tuesday in which participants agreed on creating a commission to rewrite the war-torn country's constitution.

Sochi hosted talks between the Syrian government and the opposition in the hope of paving the way for a peaceful settlement of the seven-year conflict gripping Syria.

"The State is committed to national unity, social peace and comprehensive and balanced development with fair representation at the local administration level", the statement said.

The constitutional committee, which will consist of 45 to 50 members, will become a reality in Geneva, he stressed.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress was held in Russia's Sochi yesterday.

A Russia-engineered peace conference aimed at bringing together warring factions in Syria has been fruitless, with the main opposition figures snubbing the talks and those who did attend walking out.

A statement released after the talks laid out 12 principles.

According to the Turkish General Staff, the operation aims to establish security and stability along Turkey's borders and the region as well as to protect the Syrian people from terrorist oppression and cruelty.

In particular, based on the consensus of the delegates, a constitutional committee dedicated to promoting a constitutional reform was created at the congress, which consists of the Syrian government delegation and the widely-represented opposition delegation.

The new body is expected to meet in Geneva and work under the UN.

Almost 1,600 invitations had been sent out to a range of groups and individuals in a bid to give a voice to all the sides interested in a peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis.

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