Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
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Clark County schools take softer line on gun violence walkout

Clark County schools take softer line on gun violence walkout

Rose School in Chelsea have organized a walkout on Weds., March 14, to make a statement about how the federal government is handling gun issues as related to school shootings. Su Valley Jr/Sr High staged a walkout of about 75 students Tuesday.

High school and middle school principals put together a letter about the walkout, which was due to be sent to parents Friday, Duncan said.

And while schools can not suspend students for participating in an unapproved walkout, those with unexcused absences are not permitted to participate in extracurricular activities on the day of the absence, the district advised principals.

McNeal said Richmond Hill students wanting to participate will leave their classrooms at 10 a.m. Tuesday and sit quietly in the adjoining hallway for 17 minutes.

"We will work with the students as we have in the past", Gainesville City Schools Superintendent Jeremy Williams said, referencing a walkout by some students last fall to protest President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which provides work permits and relief from deportation to certain undocumented children of immigrants. "Students who do not report to the designated area or do not return to school will be considered to be skipping class". "We are taking the approach of seeking our students" input as to how to make their schools safer. "The issue of gun violence has continually been pushed to the side by politicians across the country, so our walkout is an opportunity to show them that students are exhausted of this inaction and lack of a real discussion". The demonstrations across the nation are timed to fall on the one-month anniversary of the Florida school shootings.

Those who do take part will be given a piece of paper on which to write why they are doing so.

Local Students Participating In National School Walkout
Clark County schools take softer line on gun violence walkout

She said students who wish to participate will be "asked to do so respectfully and in accordance with the student leaders' direction".

"We feel it's really an important part of learning democracy and something we want to support in our students", she said.

The expected walkouts are hardly limited to major and public high schools. Students will also protest congressional inaction on gun laws. For now, he said, student suspension and other disciplinary actions are off the table.

"In terms of the (Safier) letter", she said, "it's a good attempt to help students reflect on this whole situation".

"I will be the first one to want to read every one of them", Teixeira said.

Several schools are using this type of alternative out of concerns for student safety by keeping associated activities inside school buildings. "This is a chance for them to tell us and tell everyone what they think, and we all need to listen to them when they express their views".

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