Published: Wed, March 28, 2018
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Former NFL Cheerleader Files Discrimination Complaint

Former NFL Cheerleader Files Discrimination Complaint

Bailey Davis, 22, filed the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging the set of rules the Saints bestow upon its cheerleaders are entirely different from the ones followed by players, according to The New York Times.

Though she denied being at the party and had locked her Instagram account as the team required, Davis was sacked after three seasons on the Saints cheerleading squad, the Saintsations.

"It is hard because the players, we started realizing, they don't know that".

Bailey Davis was sacked by the team in January for breaking the team's rules of conduct, which forbid cheerleaders from appearing nude, semi-nude or in lingerie.

"The New Orleans Saints is an equal opportunity employer, and it denies that Ms. Davis was discriminated against because she is female", attorney Gregory Rochelle said in an email.

The Saints responded to The Times with a statement that said, "At the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum, the Saints will defend the organization's policies and workplace rules".

But on Sunday, the New York Times published an infuriating report that reveals that some teams exert nearly maniacal control over both the public image and personal lives of cheerleaders - all based on toxic, outdated notions of how both men and women should behave.

"If the cheerleaders can't contact the players, then the players shouldn't be able to contact the cheerleaders", attorney Sara Blackwell told the Times.

Davis' attorney says the EEOC will investigate the allegations of gender discrimination and make a determination. Blackwell said Davis was wearing part of a Halloween costume in the picture in question, which she said was taken by a professional photographer. And Lora Davis added, "I'm super-proud of Bailey and the action and the stand that she's taking over this".

Though the Saintsations website still lists Bailey Davis as a member, the 22-year-old dancer says she was sacked after three seasons with the squad for posting a photo of herself in a one-piece outfit to Instagram.

"I think they're both representatives of the Saints and the NFL". The team accused her of breaking a rule and allegedly told her via text message that she should "know better".

The Buffalo Bills are facing a lawsuit over "glamour guidelines" which restricted cheerleaders' hairstyles, told them not to be "overly opinionated" and required them to always "pose for pictures enthusiastically". Cheerleaders have sued National Football League teams, including the New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills demanding fair pay. The team reportedly claims the rules are in place as a means of protecting the women from "preying" athletes.

You might have thought your workplace had some strict rules, but I promise that you have never seen anything like this.

Davis said she is still a Saints fan. "Can I post this?'" she said. But then after that, the team saw a photo of her in a one-piece bathing suit on her private Instagram and deemed it violating their rules of appearing nude, semi-nude or in lingerie.

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