Published: Sun, March 04, 2018
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John Kelly renews defense in wake of Rob Porter abuse scandal

John Kelly renews defense in wake of Rob Porter abuse scandal

Onstage at a DHS anniversary event Thursday featuring current and former secretaries, Kelly noted his short tenure as secretary - six months - and got rousing applause from a department audience that clearly still held him in high esteem when he said he missed "every one" of the employees "every day".

Mr. Kelly did not say what was in the initial cache of information sent by the F.B.I. last March, or what the bureau sent in subsequent bundles in July and November, delivered after the White House had requested follow-up information on the investigation into Mr.

Even if you totally buy Kelly's timeline - and you shouldn't because a bunch of facts contradict it - you are still left with this question: Why didn't the chief of staff investigate the circumstances surrounding Porter's marriages?

White House chief of staff John Kelly continued to misrepresent his handling of the dismissal of former top aide Rob Porter on Friday, defiantly obfuscating on exactly what he knew - and when - about the extent of the abuse allegations against Porter's two ex-wives.

While Kelly said Friday that Porter's presence in the West Wing on February 7 was a mistake, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said at the time that Porter would ultimately be resigning, but planned to stay on to ensure a smooth transition.

When Kelly took over the Chief of Staff position, he was widely considered to be the reasonable voice the White House needed, and Trump has consistently sung his praises for doing a "fantastic job".

Cooper also brought on Jim Acosta to discuss Kelly's comments today.

Kelly sought to clarify that story to reporters, saying that Porter was sacked the day the White House learned of the allegations, but that Porter showed up to work the next day, causing a "mix-up".

"Too much work, too hard. I did the best I could".

Ultimately Kelly lamented the handling of the situation saying, "We didn't cover ourselves in glory in terms of how we handled that on Wednesday morning" but defiantly added, "I have absolutely nothing to even consider resigning over".

When an aide on February 6 tried to get Scaramucci into the building, the Secret Service agent in charge of the appointment-scheduling system emailed that Scaramucci is "administratively excluded from entering the complex at this time (not allowed access)".

She added: "He is going to be leaving the White House".

McMaster had replaced Trump's original pick for the job, Michael Flynn, who was only the job for 24 days.

Multiple news outlets have reported that Kelly, along with other top White House staffers, including White House counsel Don McGahn and deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin, knew about some of the allegations for months before they became public.

He said Porter had denied the allegations, which Porter allegedly did by telling a group of journalists that his ex-wife had injured her eye in a fall.

In the wake of the scandal over Porter, Kelly ordered that White House officials with interim clearances pending since before June 1, 2017, be cut off if they hadn't received permanent clearances by last Friday.

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