Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'

Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'

In addition, teachers that are appointed in various government schools and colleges are inexperienced because of which students suffer the most. Unfortunately for the teachers, the demand was denied by their governor Doug Ducey despite strike threats that were repeatedly made.

A school district spokesman reported that teacher absences were "nothing out of the norm" on Monday.

More marijuana tax dollars doesn't necessarily mean more money for student funding or teacher pay.

Some educators are still expected to lobby today at the Oklahoma Capitol.

Oklahoma teachers' salaries have remained stagnant since their last raise in 2008, according to the National Education Association. However, teachers said this was not enough and have asked for a $10,000 raise and additional school funding.

Katrina Ruff, a local Oklahoma City teacher, stood with hundreds of fellow protestors at the Capitol chanting "No funding, no future!" A day they hope will show signs of progress. When the state House Majority Leader John Allen heard of this previous year he said, "The idea that we are somehow torturing if the have a second job is ridiculous".

School buses are rolling and school bells are ringing. Walk-ins are rallies outside the school before classes that end with teachers and students walking into the schools together for the start of classes.

"I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them", Bevin told reporters Friday.

"I know there has been some frustration just from what I have heard - a lot of working parents".

It is not a coincidence these movements took place in Republican-led states in which tax cuts take precedence over funding education.

The success of West Virginia teachers inspired educators in the other states to follow suit.

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