Published: Mon, April 30, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Cong to win all polls from Ktka to next general elections: Rahul

Cong to win all polls from Ktka to next general elections: Rahul

The Congress president also mocked Modi for his perceived hypocrisy on fighting corruption adding how while talking about graft he was being joined by former Karnataka chief minister BS Yedyurappa and few other BJP ministers, tainted by corruption.

Gandhi charged that farmers were under stress, but their loans were not written off by the government, which, he added, waived of debts of corporate houses. Now, when Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi escape from the country after fleeting banks of several thousands of crores, he fails to say a word on it.

The congress leaders said, ' In the leadership of Rahul, the country can be given the right direction.

"Atrocities against Dalits have drastically risen under PM Modi but he hasn't spoken a word about this yet", said he. "Modi goes to Karnataka for campaign and says he fights against corruption".

He accused the Prime Minister of being silent over Union Minister Piyush Goyal's alleged sale of shares held in a privately-held company at almost 1,000 times the face value. "What happened to Modi ji's slogan "na khaunga, na khane dunga" as the roots of corruption have become deeper under his watch", Sonia said. For good measures, he highlighted incidents of attack on dalit and minorities and also slammed the Modi Government over unemployment and plight of the farmers.

A day before, a six-minute film was posted on the Congress' official Twitter account, purportedly showing people's anger over different decisions taken by the Modi Government.

She blamed the government for muzzling dissenting voices, weakening institutions and dividing communities eyeing poll gains.

He further said that the Congress party couldn't digest that the people of the country saw through their "anti-development and highly divisive politics". He said Modi had talked of providing two crore jobs every year and the youth believed him, but now "unemployment is highest in the past eight years", while demonetisation and faulty implementation of GST had "broken the back of the informal sector". "The media can not play its role and it is being stopped from doing so", she said.

"The manner in which the Modi government is functioning, it can also pose a threat to democracy in the country. Democracy is a gift of the India's Constitution and we should all strive to strengthen it", he said. Referring to the Rafale deal with France, Gandhi said the fighter jets were being purchased at double the rate negotiated by the Congress-led UPA government and Modi had taken away the contract away from HAL and given it to an "industrialist friend". Today such an atmosphere is being created where the constitutional institutions are being insulted.

Charging the BJP and the RSS of spreading falsehoods about the Congress during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul, however, said that after four years of this government the truth was finally coming out and the results of it would be seen in the coming assembly polls in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

"China gives 50,000 jobs in 24 hours and in India it is just 450", he said.

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