Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
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CWG 2018 organisers apologise for 'shameful' closing ceremony

CWG 2018 organisers apologise for 'shameful' closing ceremony

The former athlete took aim at ABC journalist Tracey Holmes, denying claims in an article by her that suggested Channel Seven was aware of the plan to snub athletes, despite the network claiming it was shocked by the decision. So soon after the conclusion of a Closing Ceremony.

In fact, Carrara Stadium wasn't even close to being filled with a host of empty seats remaining and at one point volunteers were on stand by to fill those empty seats.

Fans and athletes alike were departing before the ceremony was over.

"It was a real moment when they said "look, we look to New Zealand - the Maori and European culture, how they have combined, we look to them as how we want to be".

"Did we stuff it up? Yes". As we said at the start it's been most wonderful 11 days.

Griggs: The Games have been brilliant.

Her contract was terminated in mid-2000 amid controversy surrounding her relationship with ABC journalist Stan Grant.

'I'm sorry, you're being way too polite, ' she said before defending Channel Seven. "They made the decision not to show the flag-bearers".

For his part, Mr Beattie has apologised for the closing ceremony, telling Karl Stefanovic on Today that he accepted "full responsibility".

Should athletes have been a part of the actual ceremony that was broadcast?

"Did we stuff it up? Yes. We got that wrong", he tweeted on Monday.

GC 2018 boss Peter Beattie thanked athletes, volunteers and locals for creating a games that he says, won't be forgotten.

Scottish boxer Vicky Glover joined Australian athletes in bailing on the night, telling the Gold Coast Bulletin they'd be hitting the town.

Griggs' latest outburst came as now-retired 13-time Paralympian Fearnley told radio station Triple J the controversy was misguided and blown out of proportion.

"The last thing they want is standing in a field for an hour waiting to get into a closing ceremony", Beattie told the Seven Network's "Sunrise" breakfast show on Monday. Let's just move on and remember the Games as the absolute success that it was. It is belived that organizers had made a decision to allow entry to athletes in the Carrara Stadium before the ceremony even began, meaning television viewers didn't get to see the athletes for whom the Closing Ceremony was actually meant for. She was given the honour after winning her first Commonwealth Games gold medal in the 45-48 kg category. "No one really communicated anything", she said.

Amid the crossfire, it was claimed the advertising agency behind the closing ceremony debacle earned $46 million for its work on the Gold Coast event.

"It's a little bit heartbreaking because that was our only chance at doing that", she said.

Usually, the athletes would be held back and enter the stadium to the cheers of the waiting crowd and with superstar paralympian and Gold Medal victor Kurt Fearnley tasked with bringing in the Australian flag, it would have been a moment for us - the host nation - to really applaud the efforts of our team. "Unfortunately tonight, the organizing committee, together with the host broadcasters, just didn't get it right".

"Having them come into the stadium in the pre-show meant the TV audience were not able to see the athletes enter the stadium, alongside flag bearers". They made the decision not to show the flagbearers.

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