Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
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DCEU: Cathy Yan in talks to direct Birds of Prey

DCEU: Cathy Yan in talks to direct Birds of Prey

Per Deadline, Yan's hiring was partly motivated by Harley Quinn actor Margot Robbie's own "firm" desire to have a female director for the Suicide Squad spinoff, which she'll be co-producing. Yan becomes the second woman to direct a DC Comics film, following Patty Jenkins' wildly successful Wonder Woman, which starred Gal Gadot as the super-powered Amazonian princess. She previously directed the feature film Dead Pigs.

The movie follows the "Birds of Prey" comic book storyline, which teams up Harley Quinn with fellow female crimefighters Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon, Black Canary, and Huntress. According to Variety, the studio has landed on Cathy Yan to direct the upcoming feature, and she'll work from a script by Christina Hodson (Unforgettable), who was recently tapped to write the screenplay for Batgirl. However, things are looking great for the director because, according to Deadline, she crafted a remarkable presentation for her vision of the movie. That includes the Suicide Squad sequel to be directed by Gavin O'Connor. Marvel Studios, after nearly landing Jenkins for the film that would become Thor: The Dark World, will release Captain Marvel - co-directed by Anna Boden, the first woman to have a directing credit on a Marvel Cinematic Universe film - next March.

Today brings news about one such project, the forthcoming Harley Quinn spin-off movie, which will - as you surely know - star Margot Robbie, who'll be reprising her role from 2016's Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will be the leading face for the picture. Upon graduating, she worked as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal in New York, Beijing and Hong Kong before following her dreams as a filmmaker.

"I thought the scenes and what we did together was some of the most fun I've ever had on a set before".

Production is slated to begin at the end of the year alongside Suicide Squad 2.

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