Published: Tue, April 24, 2018
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Dramatic Expansion of AT&T's 5G Evolution Lays Groundwork for Real 5G

Dramatic Expansion of AT&T's 5G Evolution Lays Groundwork for Real 5G

Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile are racing to gain a foothold in the market, and phone companies are promising that 5G-enabled phones are on the horizon. While AT&T says that its 5G Evolution offers speeds twice as fast as its regular 4G LTE network, it is not 5G.

It is an aggressive roll out for sure, though to be clear, 5G Evolution is not the same thing as true 5G.

Leading US telecommunications provider AT&T has announced that it is now preparing more than 100 cities for the launch of its 5G technology as part of the company's 5G Evolution program. Samsung Galaxy users are in a better position with support for S8, S9, S8+, S9+, Note8 and S8 Active models. "With faster speeds and ultra-low latency, 5G will ultimately deliver and enhance experiences like virtual reality, future driverless cars, immersive 4K video and more". AT&T LTE-LAA markets now number 7, which also includes Chicago, Indianapolis, and Los Angeles, and San Francisco, according to the company.

AT&T said it will "broadly" make 5G Evolution technology available in over 500 markets later this year, including in parts of Baltimore, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Washington D.C.

The 5G Evolution markets are foundational for a mobile 5G service offering that AT&T is promising to bring out before the end of 2018. That means there is a good chance you will see 5G Evolution advertised in or near where you live in the coming months. It all starts with the foundation and in this case, that involves the rollout of 5G Evolution and LTE-LAA technologies (essentially upgrading existing cell towers with LTE Advanced features like 256 QAM, 4x4 MIMO and three-way carrier aggregation). He argued that boosting the current LTE network is "priming it for the future of connectivity", allowing an upgrade to 5G when it is ready.

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