Published: Fri, April 27, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Explosion at Husky oil refinery in Superior, Wisconsin

Explosion at Husky oil refinery in Superior, Wisconsin

She described their injuries as varied, but said she could not offer further details, Reuters reported.

Right now, there's no timeline on when the fire could be extinguished. None of the casualties are believed to be fatalities, according to officials.

Police in Superior have urged locals to stay away from the area.

Eleven of the injured are being treated at hospitals in the region. But she said it's clear people shouldn't be breathing it in and she wonders how it will affect the water and air quality.

The explosion at the state's only oil refinery - Husky Oil - happened shortly after 10 a.m. on Superior's east side.

Emergency crews are on site and all workers have been accounted for.

Regulatory authorities have been notified.

Tudor, a scientist at a research company, said residents haven't been told much about the potential danger, what is in the smoke or why it is so black.

We're working to gather more information.

Brad Boos, president for Hunt Electric North, which had 37 workers at the refinery at the time of the explosion, said one of their employees was hurt by debris/shrapnel from the first explosion but is expected to be OK.

Observers said what sounded like additional explosions were heard around noon.

Another contractor walking out of the scene said he thought he was "going to die".

Neighbors near the oil refinery posted on Facebook the explosion shook their homes.

A ten-mile area south of Husky Energy is being evacuated, and a one-mile radius around Husky Energy is also being evacuated. She didn't see it, but felt the blast as it rattled the clubhouse.

Fuller said golfers were visibly shaken as they came off the course. He said a small tank exploded, and the product was either crude oil or asphalt.

Built in 1950, the refinery is a big employer in the Duluth-Superior area with many people who either work there or have family and friends who do.

But with crude oil and gasoline prices rising steadily in recent weeks, the situation could have an impact on fuel prices in the region. Husky said there were no changes planned for the facility but was planning to continue a $30 million upgrade started by Calumet.

Along with the refinery, Husky took control of two asphalt terminals and two product terminals, a marine terminal, 3.6 million barrels in storage and a marketing business.

This is a developing story, more to follow.

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