Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Kanye West Reveals New Rap Project And Two New Albums

Kanye West Reveals New Rap Project And Two New Albums

The rapper shared all of his surprising news to fans on Twitter Thursday in a stream of tweets.

First will come a solo record, apparently 7 tracks long, on 1st June.

After nearly breaking the internet with excitement, the rapper dropped a further bombshell by revealing he has been working on a collaborative album with Kid Cudi. He then followed the tweet up by announcing the release date of the project. Cudi most recently contributed to the soundtrack for Dwayne Johnson adventure Rampage.

Prior to Kanye taking to Twitter with all of his announcements today, TMZ caught up to famed radio host, Charlamange who confirm that he'd been allowed to preview West's latest project.

West was referring to Cudi's tweets criticizing "the fake ones" and calling out West and Drake.

Kid Cudi performs during Lollapalooza 2015 at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.

We can't wait to hear what Kids See Ghost sounds like!

Mr. West, you officially have the floor.

Shortly after the Twitter feud, Cudi checked himself into rehab after candidly admitting his struggles with depression and suicidal urges. West seemingly revealed the album would be self-titled as Kids See Ghost.

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