Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

FG condemns killing of 58 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators

FG condemns killing of 58 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators

USA ambassador to Israel David Friedman also attended Wednesday's ceremony.

When Trump announced the move of the embassy in December last year-in accordance with the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act passed in 1995-he said that specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final negotiations.

Prior to the border clash Monday on what the Palestinians call "Nakba Day", the "catastrophe" of Israel's founding 70 years ago, dozens of social media posts called for Palestinians to bring guns and knives to the protest, knock down the border fence, kidnap Israeli civilians and hand them over to Hamas.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the Israeli actions "massacres".

Critics fear that moving the U.S. Embassy is an effective endorsement of Israeli claims that the city will be the "undivided" capital of Israel, despite the fact that 300,000 Palestinians, who are deprived of basic civil and human rights, live in East Jerusalem.

Israel has been buoyed by the new Jerusalem missions, which have infuriated the Palestinians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again defended his country's response to protests in Gaza and blamed the territory's ruling Hamas party for the violence, according to excerpts from a CBS News interview on Tuesday. Israel's ambassador, meanwhile, called for condemning Hamas.

Gaza City: Fifty-eight unarmed Palestinians were killed and over 2,700 left injured by Israeli troops on Monday during a mass protest, leaving the worldwide community absolutely stunned. "I believe these outrageous statements are aimed at avoiding an honest conversation", Lavrov added.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon told the council that the global community had done too little to stop violence on the part of Palestinians. The eastern half of the city has always been envisioned as the capital of a Palestinian state, if and when a two-state solution is negotiated between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Israel isn't a U.N. Security Council member, nor are the Palestinians.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales dedicated the embassy just two days after a high-powered American delegation marked the transfer of the U.S. Embassy. You were always among the first. "And Israel is in a very hard situation, when probably large numbers of people want to enter Israel from a place that has been threatening Israel for some years now", Hoyer said to The Intercept.

The ministry "sees this participation as a grave breach of worldwide law and United Nations resolutions which confirm that Jerusalem has been occupied since 1967 and ban countries from moving their embassies there", the statement said. In Guatemala, a significant number of people are Catholic or Evangelical.

"The only alternative would have been, in that case, to mow them down one and all", he said.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the key issues concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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