Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Sci-tech | By Javier West

No Man's Sky will FINALLY get multiplayer/content in July

No Man's Sky will FINALLY get multiplayer/content in July

Here's what you need to know before installing. While on an Xbox show, the update will more than likely be coming to the PS4 and PC at or around that date as well.

Users can now organize their pinned apps and games into Groups. This grouping feature is not shipping with the update as we had reported earlier. Now Hello Games seems to want to fulfill some of its original promises which will allow you to group up with friends, encounter strangers, and work together to build bases or hunt down other players. You'll also notice that some games will no longer stutter and tear if you choose this output on your monitor. After enabling permission, the accounts will be linked. Starting off, the May Xbox One update introduces the ability to link your Discord account with your Xbox account to chat with friends and see what they are up to.

Thanks to this update, you can now trim clips directly from the Guide. Previously, you had to boot up Upload Studio, and that could take a little while.

The game now does have a limited form of multiplayer, but with the update, players will be able to interact with other players better, such as grouping up with them to survive, build, race, and relax.

Final of the new features in this update are enhancements to the Xbox Accessories app, Family Settings, and new intuitive button commands. Additionally, capture options will now display when you press the "View" button on the Guide's main tab.

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