Published: Thu, May 03, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Paris police arrest hundreds during May Day protests

Paris police arrest hundreds during May Day protests

Police used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Puerto Rico's capital San Juan also saw mass violence as thousands of protesters marched in the streets in a series of rallies that ended in chaos.

Paris: At least 200 people have been arrested after they clashed with the riot police and damaged properties in Paris during a traditional march to mark the worldwide Workers' Day, police said.

More than 200 anarchists were arrested and four people, including a police officer, were lightly wounded in the ensuing disturbances, Paris police chief Michel Delpuech told a news conference. On Monday, police warned of possible clashes with far-left anarchists, after calls to make it a "revolutionary day" appeared on social media.

French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux criticised the black-bloc protestors for having covered their faces.

'They came to hit capitalist symbols and burn cops. He said: "When you have honest convictions, you demonstrate with your face unmasked..."

'Those who wear hoods are the enemies of democracy'. When you come with Molotov cocktails, it's to burn cops, ' he said.

A McDonald's restaurant near the Austerlitz train station was ransacked and then torched, vehicles and a auto dealership were set ablaze and graffiti was scrawled on walls.

Scattered vandalism marked May Day in France as hundreds of demonstrators marched across Paris to oppose economic policies pursued by President Emmanuel Macron. The numbers were relatively small compared to other recent demonstrations.

Speaking in Australia earlier on Tuesday Macron, a former investment banker who swept to power a year ago, reiterated that he would not back down on his reform agenda. Rail staff have begun three months of nationwide strikes over a planned overhaul of state-run railway SNCF.

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