Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Project Kinect for Azure is Microsoft's AI sensor gift to devs

Project Kinect for Azure is Microsoft's AI sensor gift to devs

Microsoft also detailed its new Your Phone iOS app for Windows 10. "Using our new SDK, Windows developers will soon be able to employ drones, AI and machine learning technologies to create intelligent flying robots that will save businesses time and money, and help make drone technology a mainstay in the workplace". Timeline debuted in the latest version of Windows 10, allowing users to access their previously used apps and browser windows across all compatible devices.

Microsoft's has long empowered developers to achieve more, and today at Build 2018, the company shared the next step in that mission.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) partners with DJI on a Windows 10 drone SDK that will allow full flight control and data transfer between PCs running the operating system and the drones.

In the red-hot area of containers, Microsoft said that its Azure Kubernetes Service - which enables developers to more easily build and run solutions based on containers - will be generally available in the next few weeks. The edge devices, in this case, are on-premises servers that can act as Azure IoT Edge devices.

New Azure Cognitive Services updates include a unified Speech service with improved speech recognition and text-to-speech, which support customized voice models and translation.

Building on its efforts in AI, Microsoft launched a host of new edge computing capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) products for forward-thinking developers.

This year's developer conference is expected to be bigger than ever as Microsoft could make a new announcement regarding the Artifical Intelligence, Intelligent Cloud and much more. For developers, UWP will work with Sets from the start, helping to keep customers engaged.

But an even more dramatic development will be the ability to actually see content that lives in your phone right on a desktop window on the PC. The update, which only applies to apps in the Microsoft Store will increase the revenue share which is paid, further incentivizing developers to target the platform.

The company hasn't said when developers will be able to get their hands on Project Kinect to integrate it to their own devices and services, but we'll let you know when we find out more.

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