Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
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Trump's Nobel Peace Prize work tweets for itself

Trump's Nobel Peace Prize work tweets for itself

Eighteen Republican lawmakers from the United States have sent a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in which they recommend President Donald Trump for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the ongoing peace process on the Korean peninsula.

The letter also says.

"The sanctions have decimated the North Korean economy and have been largely credited for bringing North Korea to the negotiating table", the letter added, referring to the latest steps taken by South and North Korean leaders to de-escalate.

Rep. Luke Messer (R-Ind.), who led the group of 18 Republican congressmen who endorsed Trump for the award, "faces a big primary", HuffPost reported.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said this week Trump deserved the prize for his work to help end the nuclear standoff. According to committee rules, the listed of nominees, as well as the identity of those who nominated, them, must be kept secret for 50 years following the awarding of the prize, NRK writes.

The Saturday before, supporters at a MI rally chanted "Nobel, Nobel, Nobel" to a smiling Trump.

A Rasmussen poll published Wednesday shows that Americans think Trump and Obama are equally worthy of the prize.

"I just want to get the job done", he proclaimed, after fondly pronouncing the word "Nobel".

The spectacular Korean detente of recent months, with a summit approaching between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and the - still theoretical - prospect of denuclearization, have fed hopes of a historic turning point in the region.

Obama received the award despite being the only U.S. president to serve two complete terms with his country at war. "North Korea's pledged actions - including one to dismantle its nuclear test site in public view - are still just that". "What we need is only peace". The Norwegian Nobel Committee pointed to "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen global diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" and "attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons". "No-bel!" after his hardline against North Korea resulted in some of the most promising prospects for peace in years. "Trump has shown major steps toward delivering peace".

Should Mr Trump receive the honour, he would be the fifth USA president to do so, joining Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

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