Published: Mon, June 25, 2018
Finance | By Kristine Clayton

[H]ardOCP: Tesla to Close a Dozen Solar Facilities in 9 States

[H]ardOCP: Tesla to Close a Dozen Solar Facilities in 9 States

According to the Washington Post, Tesla is accusing Tripp of not only the theft of sensitive data, but also leaking false and damaging information to the press. "His hacking software was operating on three separate computer systems of other individuals at Tesla so that the data would be exported even after he left the company and so that those individuals would be falsely implicated as guilty parties".

Tripp, the Tesla lawyers said, had been "disruptive and combative" with colleagues and had grown disgruntled after being assigned to a new role.

Prior to the lawsuit Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email to employees stating a worker had committed extensive sabotage. The company asserts that Tripp unlawfully hacked company's confidential data and trade secrets and transferred it to third parties. Some of the data stolen and distributed includes a video and at a least a dozen photographs of the manufacturing system.

The statement also insists that "no punctured cells were every used in Model 3 vehicles in any way". Tesla denied the punctured battery claim and said Tripp's words are exaggerated or misconstrued. He also mentioned the amount of scrap Tesla produces during the manufacturing process, and false claims that Tesla has experienced delays in delivering owing to bringing new production equipment online. In addition to $1 million in damages, Tesla is requesting access to Tripp's phone, home computer and email accounts to further determine the extent of the alleged sabotage. The cutbacks are part of the 9% of Tesla workforce cuts announced last week, the Reuters report said, which posted late Thursday.

Tripp has voiced that he is not a theft, rather he is a whistleblower.

The lawsuit adds a new layer of intrigue to a Silicon Valley giant already consumed with production pressures and internal suspicions from Musk about a corporate conspiracy.

"I would rather see [Musk] produce 4,500 a week and have there be absolutely no issues with the auto than produce 5,000 a week and have there be issues with the vehicle", he said. I didn't hack into (the) system.

But quickly he grew disillusioned after seeing what he called the company's waste, unsustainable practices and "how Elon was lying to investors about how many cars they were making". The former process technician allegedly lied to the media about numerous matters, including details about Tesla's highly anticipated first mass-market vehicle, the Model 3 sedan.

While a Tesla spokesperson declined to comment on which sites it plans to shutter or how many solar employees will lose their jobs, it did say it continues "to expect that Tesla's solar and battery business will be the same size as automotive over the long term".

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