Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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Honest, direct and productive meet with North Korean leader, says US President

Honest, direct and productive meet with North Korean leader, says US President

The Federal Government has applauded the outcome of the Tuesday's Summit between U. S. President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPPK).

'The test now is this declaration that was signed with the US President in front of the world's media that must stand, and the onus now is on North Korea to prove that it's genuine, ' she told reporters.

During a sendoff ceremony at Pyongyang International Airport, Kim boarded a Chinese plane provided for his personal use after greeting senior officials who came to bid him farewell, KCNA reported.

The working lunch was the final part of the summit between Trump and Kim. "And he has that opportunity, and he won't have that opportunity again".

Despite the uncertainty, CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell, former acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency, says the meeting should be considered a success.

But I hope it goes way beyond that. He also said this has not been an easy road to get to this point, there were many obstacles that we had to overcome.

Trump called the North Korean leader "worthy", "smart" and "talented" after the Singapore summit while days earlier describing Trudeau as "dishonest and weak" following a G7 summit in Quebec. It mentioned a plan for senior officials, led on the USA side by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to keep talking. But there have been slight differences in recent comments among senior USA officials as to whether that means North Korea must first complete denuclearization - and have it verified - or if some goodwill steps would be enough. India, the world's largest democracy, and North Korea, the world's most isolated country (till about last month). are not enemies for sure.

"The world will see a major change", he continued through a translator.

Mr Trump said he urged Mr Kim and other North Korean officials to watch a four-minute video produced before the Singapore summit.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un both signed an agreement to end production of nuclear weapons, marking their meeting a moment in history. Trump, it added, had expressed his "understanding" of the stance and had conveyed "his intention to halt" the exercises.

A summit between the USA and Mexico to stop separating families?

In a lengthy piece, state mouthpiece KCNA signaled that the meeting would bring about a change in relations between the USA and North Korea. "North Korea had rice and medicine aid from the USA and other countries before, but that did not trickle down to ordinary people", said Ms Park Hyun Sook, a defector who spoke to relatives in the North by phone last Saturday.

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