Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
Sports | By Phillip Butler

LeBron James To Philadelphia 76ers Not A 'Good Move' For Him: Howard

LeBron James To Philadelphia 76ers Not A 'Good Move' For Him: Howard

That is why the Lakers are a better fit for LeBron James and we will be going over those three reasons in the coming slides.

USA Today says that Cleveland can offer James a $209m (£157.3m) deal over five years and there are others teams who can offer a four-year contract worth $150m (£112.9m). LBJ has been rumored to be heading to a multitude of teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Houston Rockets.

The rumours are running fast and furious around the NBA's most prized upcoming free agent, and the Akron Beacon Journal's Marla Ridenour doesn't believe James will end up in Houston to challenge the mantle of the Golden State Warriors.

The first question is who should the third star be, and which teams are in a position to trade one?

The NBA could be undergoing a massive shake-up this summer with both George and James entering free agency. After all, LeBron can pick up his $35.6 million option to play at least one more season in Cleveland. These odds skyrocketed after Gary Payton said that James' son was already committed to Sierra Canyon School just outside of Los Angeles. "And let me be clear this doesn't have to do with whether he continues to play in this city or not". While getting the cap space needed to sign James is tricky, it is possible. Free agency is set to open on July 1 and both players are likely to take multiple meetings throughout the process.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors surrounding James and George this offseason and plenty of teams trying to lure each player to their city.

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