Published: Mon, June 25, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Nintendo And Microsoft Showcase Minecraft Switch/Xbox Crossplay While Sony Pouts

Nintendo And Microsoft Showcase Minecraft Switch/Xbox Crossplay While Sony Pouts

Otherwise, the process continues to authorize the Nintendo account associated with the console and then an application authorization token is requested for the specific title being played. The PlayStation is the best-selling hardware platform of 2018 year-to-date. That means that if you have an Xbox One, and a friend of yours has a PS4, and you both want to play the same game together, you can't.

According to an alleged accidental slip of the finger over on the official PlayStation Italia page on Facebook, there appears to be a PS4 Fortnite bundle on the way.

Despite the unpatchable exploit discovered in the bootROM for Nvidia Tegra X1-based devices, such as the Switch, Nintendo has other anti-piracy measures in place to dissuade owners of its console from cracking their devices. We suspect that the pressure placed on them by Fortnite players might be the reason Sony could change their minds. Nintendo and Microsoft just teamed up in what has to be an industry first: a Nintendo Switch commercial for the game Minecraft, featuring a second player on an Xbox One.

Sony has its own game streaming service in the form of PlayStation Now, but it hasn't really achieved much headway when it comes to mainstreaming this technology. There is a Minecraft version for the PS4, but it is being prevented from playing with those on other platforms.

Over the previous year, console hackers and modders have been chipping away at the Nintendo Switch, discovering what makes the console tick and how to work around its security.

With that anger still hot, Nintendo and Microsoft did the unthinkable and cooperated. E3 remained open to public and boasted increased attendance but lack of major announcements resulted in a relative decrease in interest this year.

That's a pretty big deal in the world of video games. Microsoft's Xbox One has notched a disappointing 37.6 million sales. In "Minecraft", players on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, iOS and Android can play the game together.

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