Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Plan To Split California Into Three States Earns Spot On November Ballot

Plan To Split California Into Three States Earns Spot On November Ballot

Northern California: This would include 40 counties including the San Francisco Bay Area and the remaining counties north of Sacramento, the current state capital.

The Cal 3 initiative gathered more than 600,000 signatures from registered voters across California's 58 counties, passing the 365,880 required by law.

The initiative was spearheaded by a venture capitalist who says regional communities would function better.

The state got closest to dividing itself in 1859, when the state legislature and voters overwhelmingly approved a new "Territory of Colorado" to split southern California from the north.

Southern California- This would include 12 counties: San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, Mono, Madera, Inyo, Tulare, Fresno, Kings, Kern and Imperial counties. So what would happen if they approve the three-Californias ballot measure? Congress admitted four US states that were split from an existing state: Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and lastly West Virginia in 1863 during the Civil War.

"It will simply divide the state into smaller, more manageable populations".

In 2014, Draper failed with a similar proposal: To split the Golden State into six smaller governments.

Californians have long debated whether they were better as a whole or in parts.

The "Cal 3" plan would leave Los Angeles and a strip along the West Coast up to Monterey as California, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The ballot's leading backer, billionaire Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper, insists, however, that because the measure is using a process set up by the California constitution, the ballot measure alone would satisfy that requirement. The state report notes that California's water system is "one of the most complex in the world" because water "does not naturally appear in California where demand is highest".

Breaking up the state would add four new members to the Senate.

Northern California's border goes from Santa Cruz county, up to the OR border, including Merced and Mariposa counties.

The proposal would see California shrunk down to its coastal areas between Los Angeles and Sonoma Counties.

For Democrats, who already control California as a virtual one-party state, there's no upside, while Republicans have little to lose after watching their registration numbers fall in May behind those of voters with no party preference.

January 17: New California? A proposal to divide the state into three will be on the ballot in California in November.

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