Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
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Who Is Bill Browder? Magnitsky Act Creator Arrested, Then Released In Spain

Who Is Bill Browder? Magnitsky Act Creator Arrested, Then Released In Spain

The London-based businessman and vocal Kremlin critic had been arrested in Madrid on what Browder says was a Russian warrant issued through Interpol.

Browder has been a driving force behind the U.S.'s Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russian oligarchs, and his book, Red Notice, alleges corruption that goes up to the highest levels of the Russian government, including Vladimir Putin himself.

The Spanish police service said:...

Browder was found guilty in absentia by a Moscow court in December of large-scale tax evasion of some 3 billion rubles ($48 million) and sentenced to nine years in prison.

Browder has since led an global campaign to impose additional sanctions against Russian officials and he's been widely credited for the creation of the Magnitsky Act in the United States.

William Browder tweeted Wednesday that he was being arrested, posting a photo on his official profile saying that he was in the back of a Spanish police auto on the way to a police station.

Mr Browder then posted a picture of a document linked to his arrest, detailing his legal rights and saying that he had been detained on allegations of fraud.

But police later told AFP he had been released when they realised the "warrant" had expired.

Mr Browder has written a book called Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No.1 Enemy.

Bill Browder, a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin was shortly detained in Spain under a Russian warrant.

Image: Mr. Browder confirmed he had been released on Twitter.

Browder had his United States travel privileges revoked previous year, apparently triggered by Russia's decision to try and place Browder on the Interpol wanted list in pursuit of his arrest. It was the fifth time Interpol blocked Russia's attempts to issue notices to arrest Browder. As far as we know, he is a British citizen now.

Browder is the founder of the Hermitage Capital fund, where Sergei Magnitsky had worked as a legal counselor before he died in a pretrial detention facility.

Interpol had previously refused to enforce a similar 2013 sentence for Mr Browder, deeming it "predominantly political in nature".

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has welcomed the release of United Kingdom -based financier William Browder after a brief detention by police in Spain.

Johnson tweeted that "Moscow should concentrate on bringing those responsible for the murder of #Magnitsky to justice".

"Browder is not wanted via Interpol channels".

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