Published: Mon, June 25, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

'World's ugliest dog' Zsa Zsa wins $1,500 prize

'World's ugliest dog' Zsa Zsa wins $1,500 prize

English bulldog Zsa Zsa (main picture) was awarded the title of the World's Ugliest Dog at this year's competition, held at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma, San Francisco, on Saturday.

Zsa Zsa, an English Bulldog, is carried by owner Megan Brainard during the World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif., Saturday, June 23, 2018.

The annual competition, which helps organizers publicize the many pets available for adoption, allows owners to flaunt the imperfections of their dogs.

The 9-year-old victor, named Zsa Zsa, was found via a pet-finding site by owner Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minn., according to a biography supplied for the contest. Brainard found Zsa Zsa on a pet-finding site, according to the contest bio. Here's what our winning pup's profile had to say about her life before World's Ugliest Dog stardom.

The 30th World's Ugliest Dog Contest took place this weekend and there were some outstanding entries. It took her family three days to drive out to Petaluma for the contest.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and not every pooch can be Flynn, the bichon frise who won Best in Show at this year's Westminster Dog Show.

Chase, a 14-year-old Chinese Crested-Harke mix from Neath in the United Kingdom, traveled further than any other contestent to compete in the World's Ugliest Dog competition.

Last year's victor - Martha, a Neapolitan mastiff.

This year's contestants included a blackhead-covered Chinese Crested-Dachshund mutt, a mixed-breed bulldog with excessive wrinkly skin, and a Pekingese named Wild Thang.

Here's a look at some of the contestants.

The competition has a serious side, as many of its entrants have been rescued from puppy mills and animal shelters.

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