Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Xi, Putin meet as USA tensions brings them closer

Xi, Putin meet as USA tensions brings them closer

Just hours after issuing a series of aggressive messages about global trade and Canadian dairy practices, Donald Trump has arrived in Quebec to attend some of the G7 summit - his first visit to Canada as USA president.

"Trump's policies justified [the] growing closeness, especially for Russian Federation but also for China, given the volatile relationship with the U.S.", Ms. Repnikova told AFP.

The decision to kick out Russian Federation was in response to Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea in 2014, which was widely denounced as a violation of Ukraine's sovereignty.

The agreement is based on greater intelligence sharing between the countries of the G7 group of industrialised nations - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the USA - and aims to identify, prevent and respond to hostile state activity including cyber-attacks.

On his way to the G-7 summit, Trump tweeted his promise to fight against "the long time unfair trade practiced against the United States".

The new tariffs - 25 per cent on imported steel, 10 per cent on aluminium from Canada, Mexico and the European Union - threaten to drive up prices for American consumers and companies and heighten uncertainty for businesses and investors around the globe.

G7 officials had planned for their leaders to discuss ways to counter Russia's interference in their democracies.

The US president was very much the odd man out on climate change during the G7 in Italy past year, later announcing his intention to withdraw from the landmark Paris agreement.

This is Mr Putin's first visit this year to China, which Beijing billed as "boasting great significance in planning the future course of China-Russia relations". Trump asked reporters before his departure for the summit in Charlevoix, Canada.

With concerted efforts, cooperation between China and Russian Federation in various areas has maintained a strong momentum, and the integration of mutual interests has deepened constantly, Xi said.

"Looking forward to straightening out unfair Trade Deals with the G-7 countries".

Trump was arriving Friday at the annual gathering, held this year at a Quebec resort, but will leave Saturday morning before the event is over, heading to Singapore for his highly anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"I think we'll have a joint statement", Trump said.

Mrs May met with the leaders of Germany, Italy and France after the USA president said Russian Federation should be allowed back "at the negotiating table".

French President Emmanuel Macron, who met Trump as well, tweeted: "Pursuing the conversation".

The President of the European Council dismissed Mr Trump's leadership a "seasonal turbulence" and predicted the G7 group would prevail despite America's isolationist policies. "If it doesn't happen, we come out even better!"

The suggestion from Trump appeared to be an unnecessary early distraction from a host of other pressing issues pulling Washington and Western allies apart.

But Tusk also said the tensions within the G7 now are a serious challenge to its unity and effectiveness.

"We just had some vodka together and carved some sausage", he recalled, adding: "I have never had such a relationship or arrangement with any other foreign colleague".

Putin has been referring to the US president as "Donald" in public appearances and praising his acumen.

Experts said the award was a clear sign that both countries were growing closer amid increasing pressure from the US.

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