Published: Fri, August 31, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

IPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 leak out in new images

IPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 leak out in new images

Apple recently announced that it would have a special event on 12 September to announce some new stuff. Apple could reveal a new Apple Watch with a larger screen and possibly a better battery life.

Apple has for years released its new phone models in the second week of September, and often updates other product lines such as the Apple Watch at the event. Stuff we expect will include new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4.

Investor Warrant Buffett, speaking on Thursday to CNBC, said the iPhone is "enormously underpriced" even when it costs $1,000, given how indispensable it has become for so many people.

To recall, the leading tech company opened the Apple Park campus a year ago and unveiled its premium iPhone X handset as part of the tenth-anniversary celebration.

Apple is also working on two new iPad Pro models with slimmer bezels and facial recognition along with a new low-priced MacBook laptop and a Mac mini desktop geared toward professionals, Bloomberg News has reported.

The Cupertino tech company is widely anticipated to launch the iPhone X 2018 series at the event. It looks incredibly busy, and I'm not sure why anyone would need that much information at a glance, but the complications do look sleeker than ever.

9to5Mac also has images of the new Apple Watch Series 4, which will likely be unveiled at the event as well.

The new iPhones will boast significantly bigger, edge-to-edge screens.

The names of the new devices are unclear; names from "iPhone X Plus" to "iPhone 11" and even "iPhone 9" have been floated. The cameras will be improved from the iPhone X and the processors will be faster. The cheaper phone may also do away with 3D Touch and feature only a single rear camera. It's rumored to come in new colors, too, but which colors those will be remains unknown.

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