Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Italy's Conte says he is organising a conference on stabilising Libya

Italy's Conte says he is organising a conference on stabilising Libya

"The sanctions on Russian Federation will remain as is", Trump said during a joint news conference Monday alongside Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

"I'll always leave room for negotiation", he said.

Conte took office last month promising to bring radical change to Italy, including more generous welfare provisions and a crackdown on immigration. The president said the USA and Italy would pursue a new strategic dialogue on security issues, terrorism and immigration. Trump said during a joint news conference with Conte.

"I would have no problem doing a shutdown", Trump said during a joint press conference at the White House with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The US President reaffirmed his special bond with Italy today, as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel watched in dismay, as the two world leaders are known to have a rocky relationship Mr Trump over his controversial views. "We must accept and sit at the table and negotiate in our dialogue with those who aren't counterparts".

"I agree very much (with) what you're doing with respect to migration and illegal immigration, and even legal immigration", Trump told Conte.

Conte first broached the subject at a White House news conference and said lifting the sanctions would be "unthinkable".

The two leaders, both elected through populist bases, also discussed the US deficit with Italy, which NPR reports is almost $35 billion.

The Italian press has suggested the meeting will serve to boost Conte's profile, often overshadowed by his deputy prime ministers and those parties' exuberant leaders: Matteo Salvini of the League party, and Luigi Di Maio of the Five Star Movement.

"I have no Red Line", the President said in response to a reporter's question.

Trump has proved to be an inconsistent negotiating partner with Capitol Hill, as evidenced by his most recent mixed messages on a potential shutdown.

The two leaders stressed they meant to collaborate in the Mediterranean region and in efforts to stabilize Libya.

Trump's standoff with Iran, and the sanctions that hurt Italian-Iranian commerce, are a big point of disagreement between the two countries.

Senate Appropriations Committee chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., said that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are working to fund the government and that Trump's threat "is not good for anything".

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