Published: Sat, August 25, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Mobile hack may have exposed data of 2 million customers

Mobile hack may have exposed data of 2 million customers

T-Mobile on Thursday disclosed a breach that exposed the personal data of about two million customers, according to a report.

The US telco said none of the customers' financial data or social security numbers were lifted and no passwords were compromised.

About 3 percent of T-Mobile's 77 million customers were affected, the company said in a statement to The Washington Post.

On August 20, our cyber-security team discovered and shut down an unauthorized capture of some information, including yours, and promptly reported it to authorities.

T-Mobile said the hacker (or hackers) did not gain access to passwords, social security numbers, or any financial information.

To help protect their cellular accounts, Guido says consumers should add a different type of protection that's offered by all of the major carriers, including T-Mobile. The company told Motherboard that the attackers were part of "an worldwide group".

The company is in the process of notifying customers affected by the breach. Affecting customers in the U.S., the hack is not the first time T-Mobile customers have been put at risk; a couple of years ago company data was leaked via Experian. In February, the company texted warnings to its post-paid customer base about a sudden uptick in port-out frauds (a scam where a criminal impersonates you to port your number to another wireless carrier). The breach was caused when "an global group" of hackers accessed a server through an API which was said not to have any "very sensitive data" available through it. "We truly regret that this incident occurred and are so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused".

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