Published: Tue, August 28, 2018
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Mollie Tibbetts homicide: Iowa dairy farm receiving death threats

Mollie Tibbetts homicide: Iowa dairy farm receiving death threats

Within hours of the news conference announcing Rivera's arrest, Trump weighed in on the killing. "Who escalates to abduction, kidnapping and homicide that fast?"

Cristhian Rivera, 24, whom immigration officials said was living in the USA illegally for four to seven years, was charged with first-degree murder in her death.

What happened next, Rivera told authorities, is blocked from his memory, something he said happens when he gets upset or angry.

Cristhian Rivera, who has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Tibbetts, is now being held on $5 million cash bond. The footage showed a Chevy Malibu connected to Rivera that was driving back and forth as Tibbetts was running in the area, Rahn said.

The heavy coverage of Tibbetts' case has sparked online discussion over a recorded minimum 48 Iowa juveniles who went missing in July.

The couple - along with her husband's brother Craig Lang and his wife - own farmland outside Brooklyn that includes trailers where some of the dairy's employees live for free as a benefit of their employment, farm spokeswoman Eileen Wixted confirmed. "This was shocking to us". "But one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are".

However, his defense lawyer said in a court filing on Wednesday that Rivera had legal status.

"That's rhetoric", Richards said, arguing non-U.S. citizens are entitled to equal protection under the law. "They turned a blind eye to the reality of documentation", Richards said.

Rivera who resides in rural Poweshiek County, Iowa, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the alleged abduction and death of Tibbetts, according to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. His defense attorney, Allan Richards, said Rivera came to the USA as a minor, held a job in the community and has no prior criminal record.

Trump noted the arrest at the rally in West Virginia: "You heard about today with the illegal alien coming in, very sadly, from Mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible, lovely young woman. It should have never happened. we've had a huge impact but the laws are so bad, the immigration laws are such a disgrace". An immigration hold was also filed against Rivera. Threats have included burning down buildings and even killing their dog after learning Rivera was employed at the farm.

"This is a scary situation", he said.

Investigators allege that Rivera abducted Tibbetts while she was out for an evening run in Brooklyn on July 18. He said now was not the time to debate immigration but to grieve the loss of Tibbetts, who was studying psychology at the University of Iowa. The police say that Rivera is in the country illegally - though this has been disputed by his lawyer - and that he presented fraudulent identification to his employer when he was hired.

He then confessed to attacking Mollie, putting her body in the trunk of his vehicle and driving her to a field 10 miles away.

The arrest of a Mexican farmworker in the death of an Iowa college student renewed calls to change immigration laws, but it also focused attention on the immigrant workers whose labor is essential to the state's agricultural industry.

Rivera's Facebook page described him as being from Guayabillo, a community of less than 500 people in the state of Guerrero. It's about a three-hour drive from the resort city of Acapulco.

Rivera was arrested Monday when police traced him through surveillance footage which showed his auto following Mollie.

Rivera led authorities to Tibbetts' body, according to Rahn. The farm where he worked was just a couple miles away from that location. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.

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