Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
Medicine | By Rogelio Lindsey

Smoking Ban In All Public Housing Starts July 31

Smoking Ban In All Public Housing Starts July 31

"And they could overcome this, so I want to work with them to make this as painless as it can be in a hard situation for those that are addicted to smoking", Mayeaux said.

In November 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a rule requiring all federally-owned public housing to become smokefree by July 30, 2018.

Several hundred thousand NYCHA residents are now barred from smoking in their apartments, hallways or even outside.

"Smoking actually damages the units, whether it's the paint or the cabinets", he said.

NYCHA residents are no longer allowed to smoke inside apartments, indoor common areas, or offices. This new policy will protect residents and staff of public housing units, many of whom are senior citizens, children, and people with disabilities, from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Local and federal officials cite health concerns for residents and costs dealing with maintenance and fire fix as factors that led to HUD's final decision.

The ban includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and water pipe tobacco (hookahs).

The smoking ban is an effort to improve air quality and quality of life for those living in public housing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in 2014 that the smoking ban would save government housing agencies $153 million a year in repairs and health care costs, including $16 million for costs tied to smoking-related fires.

Edwards also said the focus is to create healthier and safer homes for families to live in.

Tenants who break the rules under the new smoking ban, risk being evicted after three violations.

ALS says they are working with public housing authorities to help make the transition to a smoke-free environment.

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