Published: Sat, August 25, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Trump Says He 'Will Stay Uninvolved' After Slamming Sessions, Justice Department

Trump Says He 'Will Stay Uninvolved' After Slamming Sessions, Justice Department

A juror in Paul Manafort's financial fraud trial says a lone holdout prevented the jury from convicting the onetime Trump campaign chairman on all 18 counts.

"She was just saying I want to review my notes", Duncan said.

Duncan also described the prosecution team as seeming "a little bored" during the proceedings.

Duncan said though she was skeptical about prosecutors' motives in the case, the evidence showed Manafort was guilty. She said the holdout appeared to be willing to convict only for 2012 because there was a piece of evidence with Manafort's name on it. She said she told the other juror they had a responsibility to hear everything before deciding.

"You'd say these crimes are old, the jury didn't convict on every count, most people aren't prosecuted for tax fraud, he was selectively prosecuted", Sandick said. "But in the end, she held out and that's why we have 10 counts that did not get a verdict". Duncan described Gates as "nervous", and said the jury ultimately threw away his testimony during deliberation.

After Manafort's arrest, President Donald Trump distanced himself from his former surrogate and said "it doesn't involve me".

"This is yet one more instance, this time out of the mouth of his own lawyer, that the president is signaling to Manafort that a pardon may be on the way", said Bob Bauer, White House general counsel to Barack Obama.

Giuliani said he brought up the topic of pardons with Trump "in early June, latest mid-June, and "he said there would be no pardons for anyone involved in the investigation during the pendency of the investigation".

With Mr Manafort, who maintains his innocence and did not plead guilty, Mr Trump has commented several times on his case, calling it very sad. Giuliani said he and fellow personal attorney Jay Sekulow advised waiting to see whether Mueller delivers a damning report that accuses the president of trying to block a federal probe of his campaign's contacts with Russians. It won't be decided by a jury. None of the charges in either of these cases relate to his work with the 2016 Trump campaign, but the trials represent the first major public hearing of the findings of the Mueller investigation, which officially was charged with investigating "collusion" with the Russian government by that campaign.

Without providing evidence, the Republican president said the campaign finance violations to which Cohen pleaded guilty were not a crime, even though prosecutors and Cohen agreed they were. Trump said on Twitter.

The August 21, 2018 jury verdict form from the trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort shows only one juror consistently voted against conviction on all counts in this image released by the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S. August 23, 2018.

The former New York City mayor added that he's concerned Mueller might pursue an obstruction charge if Trump pardons Manafort or other associates caught up in the special counsel's probe.

Giuliani said Trump's concern for Manafort is what motivates him to consider a pardon. "Over the last two to three weeks, he's expressed anger and frustration about how he's been treated".

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