Published: Sat, September 15, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Delayed Nintendo Direct Confirmed for Tomorrow

Delayed Nintendo Direct Confirmed for Tomorrow

And we're back! A lengthy Nintendo Direct was originally scheduled for Thursday, September 6th, but the quake that struck Hokkaido, Japan caused Nintendo to delay the broadcast.

Nintendo plans to give more details about Nintendo Switch Online at an event tomorrow. Coming as Paradox Interactive's first foray into a Nintendo console, Cities: Skylines has now been fully released on the hybrid console.

"With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can play enhanced NES games the way they're meant to be played - using Nintendo Entertainment System-style controllers", the store page reads. You can only get one pair per Nintendo Account.

In addition to downloadable titles and extras available only to subscribers, Switch Online will serve as the console's gateway for online-enabled features regardless of game type. 3, Donkey Kong, Ice Climber, and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo Switch Online arrives on September 18 and will cost $4 per month, $8 for three months, or $20 per year.

A year and a half after launching, the Nintendo Switch is finally getting an official online service. Not all games will support this feature, but it's a relief to see Nintendo add a feature that should have been ready at launch.

Other perks of signing up for the Switch Online service are special offers, which will be announced as time passes.

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