Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

South Africa legalises private use of marijuana

South Africa legalises private use of marijuana

The Cannabis Development Council of South Africa welcomed the ruling, and called on the government to drop charges against people found in possession of the drug. The judgement was made just after 10:15 on Tuesday morning.

The constitutional court in South Africa on Tuesday delivered a judgment that private use of marijuana, locally referred to as dagga, is not a criminal offence. However, the state appealed this decision, putting it on the backburner for another year.

He says the users of alcohol and tobacco are allowed to use these substances however they wish.

The ruling further declared that the current act which regulates the use of dagga was unconstitutional and instructed Parliament to make the necessary amendments to the act within 24 months of the date of the court's ruling.

The ruling comes after parliament banned the cultivation of weed for private use, sparking street protests and a court case.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has upheld an earlier high court judgment. The court went on to say that those using and growing cannabis in the privacy of their own home should be left in peace.

Previous court hearings on the emotive issue have drawn protests by those opposed to legalising cannabis, as well as by those in favour of decriminalisation.

The country's Medical Research Council has already launched trials to help guarantee quality, consistency and standards, according to local media.

"The judgment does not specify how many grams of cannabis can a person use or have in private". "Now we will be able to develop the plant even further". It's about time that South Africans move along with the times and start using what is most valuable.

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