Published: Wed, September 05, 2018
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Steve Bannon New Yorker Festival interview pulled following backlash & cancellations

Steve Bannon New Yorker Festival interview pulled following backlash & cancellations

Remnick said he was planning for a "serious" conversation with Bannon. Still, by committing to have some kind of dialogue with Bannon in the future, Remnick, clearly, does not seem to think he's out of bounds. "If Steve Bannon is at the New Yorker festival I am out", tweeted director Judd Apatow".

"I'm out. I genuinely support public intellectual debate, and have paid to see people speak with whom I strongly disagree". Mulaney expressed frustration with both Bannon's presence and the way the festival announced it, tweeting "T$3 his isn't James Baldwin vs William F Buckley".

The announcement did not go over well. "And Mr. Bannon is one of its chief proponents". "Maybe they should read their own reporting about his ideology", film producer Judd Apatow said.

Bannon on Monday said he had accepted the invitation after repeated requests over several months and without considering the honorarium, AP reported.

Bannon? And me? On the same program?

The New Yorker may have succumbed to the pressure of social media by dis-inviting Steve Bannon from its prestigious fall festival, but not The Economist.

Others felt that it was censorship and that Bannon has as much right to speak as anyone else. But I would have thought that the point of a festival of ideas was to expose the audience to ideas. "I will not take part in an event that normalizes hate".

No one wants a festival of ideas to turn into a cozy chat among like-minded friends.

"I would like to invite you to sit down with me for an informal, free-ranging discussion of the political movements redefining worldwide and local politics".

While some people agreed with the celebrities taking a stand others questioned why the New Yorker invited Bannon to begin with. "Could never happen", added actor Jim Carrey. Media figures roundly condemned the magazine.

"Let them call you racists".

Remnick has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration.

The weekly magazine had planned to interview Bannon, which it called a leading creator and organizer of "Trumpism", as a part of the October festival.

That notion had been echoed by Recode journalist Kara Swisher, who said she has considered interviewing Bannon about technology - and who applauded Remnick's goal of conducting the interview "in a fully on the record setting".

By Monday evening, Remnick informed staff that Bannon would no longer attend.

"I've changed my mind", he added. Farrow took his report to The New Yorker, which published it seven weeks later, earning Farrow a Pulitzer and helping spark the #MeToo movement. "He listened, he heard".

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