Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Beijing will defend itself in USA trade war, says Chinese ambassador

Beijing will defend itself in USA trade war, says Chinese ambassador

Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, said Sunday that it's "very confusing" trying to discern who has President Donald Trump's ear on trade policy, as China-U.S. relations continue to come under strain over the issue.

"But I rely on them, it's not in our country", Trump said, referring either to British accusations against Russia, or Russian denials thereof.

"The US president didn't make any direct accusations", Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists after a CBS News interviewer asked Trump: "Do you agree that Vladimir Putin is involved in assassinations?"

Colbert then turns to asks Trump questions what he thinks of his sons Donald Jr. and Eric and Trump earnestly replies, "They're ridiculous".

"I was very honoured to be present at the meetings between the two presidents, both at Mar-a-Lago in April past year, and in Beijing last November", Cui said in the Fox News interview taped on Friday.

Trump has begun accusing China of meddling in United States elections only recently and in connection with Beijing's selective targeting of his voter-base for retaliatory measures against tariffs imposed by Trump on Chinese imports.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton said furing a raio interview aired on Friday that the major issue of the 21st century for the United States is China due to its ability to build economic and military power while violating global norms.

"He is open to visiting Moscow upon receiving a formal invitation", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Friday, adding that the President also looks forward to hosting Putin in the U.S. next year. "They wouldn't be able to help me at all". Trump said. He added, "And I think, frankly, China is a bigger problem". I'm not gonna get into it because we won.

Last week, Michael Pence, the US' vice president, announced that China is putting propaganda adverts in U.S. newspapers.

Cui also raised Vice President Mike Pence's accusations that China has launched a strategy to intervene in USA domestic affairs. "Probably. I mean, I don't-" Trump began in response. I was getting to know countries.

"We never wanted a trade war, but if somebody started a trade war against us, we have to respond and defend our own interests", Cui said.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was a key adviser for the Trump campaign in the run-up to the 2016 presidential elections, was questioned in the case of the alleged Russian meddling in the elections in January.

"You see, China has 1.4 billion people", Cui said.

"I think he's sort of a Democrat, if you want to know the truth", Trump told Stahl.

Shi Yinhong, an worldwide relations professor at Renmin University of China in Beijing, said there had been no sign that the USA would soften its stance.

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